Book Presentation: “If Not Us, Who?” by David B. Frisk


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Rusher at 100: Realism for the 21st Century

(June 23, 2023—revised December 21, 2023) William Rusher, a dynamic force on the American right who passed away in 2011 after decades as comrade and mentor to many conservatives, was born a full century ago on July 19, 1923. His centenary comes at a hard time for...

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William Rusher was an influential political strategist, commentator, and debater at the heart of the conservative movement in the second half of the twentieth century, a movement whose ascent he documented in his 1984 book The Rise of the Right -- one of many examples...

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“If Not Us, Who?”

If Not Us, Who? takes you on a journey into the life of William Rusher, a key player in shaping the modern conservative movement. Known for his long stint as the publisher of National Review, Rusher wasn't just a publisher—he was a crucial strategist and thinker in...

Click to watch the presentation of “If Not Us, Who?” by David Frisk to the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC on C-SPAN.

David Frisk’s book, If Not Us, Who?: William Rusher, ‘National Review,’ and the Conservative Movement, offers a comprehensive exploration of the life and impact of William Rusher, the influential publisher of National Review. Frisk meticulously traces Rusher’s involvement in the conservative movement, emphasizing his pivotal role in shaping its trajectory. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of National Review’s founding, with Frisk providing insightful perspectives on Rusher’s intricate relationship with William F. Buckley, the magazine’s founder. This examination of their collaboration adds depth to our understanding of the intellectual currents that defined National Review and, by extension, the conservative movement in the United States.

Presenting his findings at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., David Frisk brought the historical narrative to life, offering a captivating glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of conservative intellectual history. The Heritage Foundation audience was treated to a nuanced exploration of Rusher’s contributions and the broader historical context that shaped conservative thought. Frisk’s meticulous research not only pays homage to William Rusher but also provides readers with a profound understanding of the intricate interplay of ideas and personalities that have left an indelible mark on the conservative tradition in the United States. If Not Us, Who? emerges as a valuable resource for those seeking insights into the evolution of American conservatism and the pivotal figures who played instrumental roles in its development.

Click to watch the presentation of “If Not Us, Who?” by David Frisk to the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC on C-SPAN


  • The William A. Rusher Centennial Project

    The William A. Rusher Centennial Project aims to produce substantive intellectual media that, rooted in Mr. Rusher’s work, pushes today’s conservative movement to adopt a more coherent philosophy, a stronger coalition, and a more effective set of political and legal strategies. In short, the Project aims, as Mr. Rusher aimed, to get more votes for conservatism. And in so doing, it aims to inspire respect and enthusiasm the way Mr. Rusher did, while fighting effectively, confidently, and cheerfully for the conservative views he articulated. Those views, rooted in Locke and Burke, and founded in the Declaration of Independence, are not necessarily those views often misidentified today as “conservative.” The Project seeks to advance and to adapt Mr. Rusher’s views -- in line with his legacy -- so that they have broad resonance and appeal in the current political environment.

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